Amphi Botanicals was first conceived when the world reached its peak of polarity 

Everything was either black or white- the idea that science and spirituality could co-exist seemed outrageous. But it isn’t. We aspired to discover that middle ground. That sweet spot which draws upon elements of science, mysticism, herbalism, and nutrition, to create the most restorative and balancing tonics for the health conscious.

And since our ethos centers around balance, it is only natural that at the heart of our formulas lies the power of adaptogens. The wonderful mushrooms and herbs that have been utilized in ancient practices for centuries. The potent ingredients that assist the body in adapting to physical, chemical, or emotional stressors. Adaptogens are the key components of our formulas, the main inspirations behind our functional beverages, and are the middle ground between science and spirituality. 

With balance, healing, and powerful herbs in mind, Amphi Botanicals was created. Incorporating the healing powers of Mother Earth herself, our formulations are free from all synthetic additives- colourants and preservatives alike. We aspire to bring to you only the purest sources of nourishment- packaged in single-serving sachets for your convenience- to feed your body, mind, and soul.


We aspire to enlighten health conscious beings through great tasting powdered drinks made from nature-derived ingredients, with a focus on adaptogens…

We aim to restore the balance in people’s lives and provide them with nutrients that counter the toxins we are exposed to everyday. More than ever, we are becoming aware of what we consume and how it impacts our minds, bodies and souls. Our goal is to make this shift as simple and seamless as possible and become one of your daily rituals.


The name Amphi is derived from the Ancient Greek prefix, meaning “on both sides”

This name was chosen to further reiterate our ethos of balance within duality. One cannot exist without the other.

Our icon is inspired by the Goddess Amphitrite, the queen and goddess of the sea who was said to nourish all that inhabit it. Our Goddess icon enables us to evoke elements of mysticism and ancient practices, while also being tied into the idea of nourishment and healing.

We thank you for joining us on this journey, and for taking the time to read our story.

Thank you,
Yasmeen xx

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